Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Filling My Day

I'm in the process of relooking at my schedule. Trying to reshuffle things to create more time to write. I'm trying to be gentle with myself during this process, because I've been annoyed with how little writing I've gotten done. My mother reminds me that this is my first year with all my children in'll get easier. I dunno. I feel like I should maximize the time now, now, NOW.

But in light of what many of you wise slicers are saying after being inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, I'm looking at my days in a new light. Instead of seeing a steady stream of rousing children out of bed and into bed, shuttling them to and from school and their various activities, Crossfit workouts and runs, and the inevitable appointments that come with being a human and having a home, I'd like to see what I'm actually creating within this list.

Maybe it'll help me see my days a little differently. Maybe I'll focus on the import of these tasks rather than the time they require.

With my children, I am:

  • teaching them about being part of a team
  • challenging their bodies physically (sports)
  • challenging their bodies mentally (math team)
  • showing them they belong in other groups besides their family
  • cheering them on, helping them believe in themselves 

With my Crossfit and running, I am:

  • staying healthy and active so I can live a long, healthy life
  • being an example--for my kids but also my husband 
  • pushing my body to its limits, something I've always loved to do
  • maintaining a good relationship with my body
  • creating space for ice cream as a sometimes-reward

With my house appointments and kitchen time, I am:

  • creating a home, a comfortable, safe space for my family
  • keeping the organization one step over the clutter
  • making food that mostly fuels my family's body, but tastes good, too
  • showing my kids, through chores and example, what it takes to be a family member

I still hope to squeeze out of my week a few more hours of writing. But I've got to remember that I'm creating important stuff here in the other parts of my days, filling it with really good, lucky stuff. There's chaff to cut out for sure, but...there's more grain to keep, savor, and foster.


  1. It's all about mindset. Your post and the quote from Amy Krouse Rosenthal makes me step back and create a new perspective for my life. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ugh, I think we all wish we had a little more time in the day! What a great idea to frame it as what we ARE doing instead of what we don't have time to do. A great reminder to think about the positives we have. Thank you for the quote and the slice!

  3. Amy Krouse Rosenthal's passing has gotten a lot of people talking - thinking about life and how we want to live it, loved ones, and time. Your lists of goals sound amazing. Cheering you on!