Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Letters

I spent an hour at the table, writing. Not the normal work on my chapter book or a book review or slice of life for this March challenge. Nope, not today. Today I wrote for an hour, but letters to my family. I am a huge lover of mail and want to keep the art of correspondence alive and well in my own life.

I wrote two letters to my two grandfathers, one 93 and one 88. I stuffed the envelopes full of pictures and described the pictures in the letters. Not shockingly, they are not on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or email, even. So snail mail it is, and printed pictures as well. The old-fashioned way for my old-fashioned grandpas. I hope the pictures of my children, their great-grandchildren, make them smile.

Then some postcards.

One jam-packed one to my niece, who is as avid a letter-writer as I am. She and I exchange at least one letter a week, full of unimportant but wonderful little news such, usually about books we're reading or what our dogs--her, a golden retriever, mine a lab--have picked up on a walk or have gotten into. I love this little correspondence and hope, hope, hope it lasts for a long time.

One to my very best friend, who means everything to me. Just a short one. About a trip I keep daydreaming about that I'd like to take with her. Between her serious job and my trio of kids, I'm not sure when it would happen, but I'd like it to. Very much.

And one to my old critique partner and good friend about a book (A Fine Imitation in case you're curious) that she recommended and that I LOOOOVE. In fact, I've just got one hour left on the audio version of the book and it's killing me not to be listening to it right now. It's full of depth and suspense; the main character Vera's plight strikes a deep chord in me. I had to tell her I'm loving it and thank you for the recommendation.

And now, with cornbread muffins in the oven and cole slaw coming back to room temperature and chicken about to head into the broiler, I've got to head off. Finish up writing for the day.

See y'all tomorrow...


  1. What a beautiful tradition you started. I love the art of letter writing, but I don't engage in it consistently as you have. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that process. I am working on some postcards. Happy writing!

  3. I love this post! I wish I could keep snail mail alive in my life. Everyone I keep in contact with has a cell phone for texting, facebook, etc...when my boyfriend was away for training we did write letters to each other, even though we could pick up the phone and talk to each other every night. We didn't always get much time with our schedules and the letters served as a way for us to express our love and hope for a life when we are more together than apart- I've kept them all and read them when he's gone 5/7 days a week. They are sweet reminders. :)

  4. I love real mail. I used to write a lot, but, now, I only really write to my niece, who is a freshman in college. There is something about the feel of pencil or pen on paper that is s much more satisfying for writing. And receiving a letter feels very intimate, much more personal than an email.

  5. I need to make writing actual mail a higher priority! Great slice!