Friday, March 25, 2016

Third Child of Mine

My third child picks his nose with gusto.

He puts his finger up to his nose, glances at me to see if I'm watching. He wants to see if he can make my face twist into a fun mixture of displeasure and humor yet again. He seems to know that no one can simultaneously gross me out and make me laugh like he is about to.

He knows I think this habit is disgusting, and that motivates my blue-eyed, pink-cheeked little devil to push that pointer where it should not go.

And then--when it's shoved in nice and tight--he sneaks a peek my way. He wants to be confident that I don't miss this fine skill of his, of which he thinks he is champion but in fact his big brother and many, many boys (and girls!) before him beat him to the punch. Beat him to their own nostril.

He pulls it out, examines the end to see what's sticking like salty green glue on top. He beams, triumphant! Sometimes at this moment, if I'm sitting close enough I wrestle his hand away, to keep him from completing his task like he wants to. We laugh and play-struggle, with me trying to keep the germs from going right back where they came from, him insisting on recycling every last thing he can.

On this morning as he watches cartoons on a lazy Friday with his big brother and big sister, I'm too far away to pull his hand away. So he licks it like a lollipop, giggling because he can hear me gagging.

Yet again, I'm grossed out and highly entertained by this third child of mine.


  1. You gotta love that third child! Seems they will do anything to entertain us! I love your line, So he licks it like a lollipop, giggling because he can hear me gagging.' It grossed me out and had me laughing out loud. (I work with preschoolers, so they just love this olympic event too!)

  2. Oooh your descriptions completely grossed me out-- in a good way!! If it helps at all, I read recently an article saying that mucus is actually very good at protecting teeth from cavities... sliver lining??

    1. I will keep that nugget of wisdom to myself--god help me if he finds out it could be good for him!! ha ha!