Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break

My two older children have two weeks of Spring Break. We're just about to throw back the last minutes of week one. Week two will start in the morning, probably too early than I prefer. But my boys missed the memo that school vacation is a time to sleep in late.

When you take two weeks of Spring Break and add a house on the market, you get a lot of tidying-up after three kids. My trio drip syrup onto the counter when they eat pancakes. They spit gobs of toothpaste into the sinks. Their definition of "a made bed" is starkly different from mine. They find new corners of the yard in which to leave balls. And they track in mud every. Single. Time.

To review, two weeks of Spring Break plus house on the market equals one harried mom. But I'm still smiling! Still writing! Still carrying on because that's what I do!

I forgot to add in one very busy husband who just got slammed at work. So while I'm busy being empathetic to his frustration that it's been decades since he got a Spring Break and busy being sympathetic to his never-ending work, I'm silently wishing he'd just put his own dishes into the dishwasher. That's it--just the dishes. I don't mind doing the rest. But...sigh. He forgot.

In case you had too much wine while reading this:

Two weeks of Spring Break + house on the market + one very busy husband = the need to get out of Dodge.

That's it. We're heading to the beach. (In just one more day. I can do it! I can do it!)

And I'm telling you, when those kids go back to school, I'm giving myself 72 gold stars for spending so much freaking quality time with them.



  1. Oh man! This made me laugh out loud. I have a job because being a full-time mother, in my opinion, must be the hardest job in the entire world. So impressed that you are still smiling. Enjoy the beach and put those 72 gold stars in a place EVERYONE can see them.

  2. You deserve those gold stars! We had our house on the market with NO kids and it was a pain to keep clean--I can't imagine it with THREE! You deserve all the rest and relaxation you can get!