Friday, March 11, 2016

On My Most Socially Awkward Moment

Last Spring after my three kids learned to ride two-wheelers, we took a family bike ride to a local restaurant on a Sunday morning for brunch. We're early birds so there weren't too many families out yet on the bike path--only serious runners and bikers. My husband and I had to keep a balance between going fast enough for our two older kids to maintain momentum. Yet the pace needed to be  slow enough for our youngest, just three and a half at the time and on a little red bike with tiny 12" wheels, to keep up.

We biked just two miles to the restaurant and found seats outside--we wanted to keep an eye on our bikes. But I had to go inside to ask the hostess if we could sit at those vacant outside tables. The rest of my clan scouted out the table while I checked in. I pushed my way through the revolving door to chat about the seating.

I asked quickly--a bit scatterbrained perhaps because of hunger, perhaps because I hadn't enough coffee, perhaps because I was hurrying--and was pleased with the "No problem! Seat yourself!" message.

I wanted to relay this message to my family, whom I could see through the open windows on the front of the restaurant. Another family was easing themselves through the revolving glass door as I was leaving to go outside as well, and I rushed to jump into one of the four segments of the revolving glass door.

Turns out I hopped in at the very last second--I made it, whew!

But then I realized that I wasn't the only person in this small segment of a revolving door. I was in with a stalky, thirty-ish man who was quite surprised to have an extra passenger mere centimeters behind him. I had hopped into the one-person area with a total stranger, making us two extremely squished and extremely uncomfortable people!

Luckily our time together was short, and he hopped out and I hopped after. Even luckier, he had a sense of humor and I could see the smile in his eyes as he turned back to me.

"That was the most socially awkward thing EVER! I have no idea why I did that! I'm so sorry!" I gasped, laughing.

Might as well own it, and take the opportunity to laugh at myself!

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  1. So funny! Love this! Haha thanks for the chuckle!