Friday, March 21, 2014

Yoga & Getting it Right

Heather, my yoga instructor, guided me into the next pose.

"Lay down on your back, then put a block in the small of your back.  Then either put the soles of your feet on the ground with your knees bent or put your legs straight out."

I did my best to get into the pose, one that was actually pretty simple, but the placement of the block, well...I wasn't sure if I had it quite right.  So I asked for help.  Now, in my late 30s, with three little kids, I'm not afraid to ask for help anymore.  What a relief this is, not to have to know everything and do everything myself.

"Close your eyes. If you can keep them closed, then you've got it right."

I was surprised by this sure-fire way of knowing whether my placement of my block was right or wrong.  If wrong and in a painful position, my eyes would flutter open automatically.  If right and in a healing position, my eyes would remain blissfully closed.

Oh please may I have the same thing in life sometime?  A simple eyes-closed or eyes-opened check on whether something is Right or Wrong?

Living and deciding and functioning in the grey is simply exhausting.


  1. Yoga, mmmm, I have been thinking about this. Wanting to go but too shy to be the least flexible on one in my class. Perhaps I should give it a go now I have the secret of a good technique. Yes, it would be lovely to have an open and shut eye test for life. Maybe we just make it too complicated. I loved the simplicity of this piece. Any longer and it may have lost some of that. Great slicing. AND.... of course I would make the time to comment on your blog. It' s one of my faves, wouldn't miss it. :)

  2. I agree. I wish I could be less long-winded. You captured so concisely what yoga brings to you. To the author of the previous comment, I'm so inhibited and yet I don't mind going to yoga -- everyone is so focused on their practice. Try it, but be sure you go to a "real" yoga class, as opposed to someone who is more of a fitness instructor. Or, you could start with some Rodney Yee DVDs. He's wonderful!

  3. Oh, I wish too for the real life open-close eyes answers.

  4. I know yoga is supposed to help but the one time I went I felt so out of sync - couldn't kneel and had trouble getting up. I really should try again.
    Love the open/closed eyes - if only that would work for all things.